40 Songs For Autumn

Happy Autumn, readers! This season is absolutely dripping with therapeutically significant themes, hidden in the joys and sorrows of trees dying in all their colorful splendor with the hope of being awaken by the warm sunshine even bigger, stronger, and more beautiful than before. Back in March I posted about resources for tree themed sessions. This … Continue reading 40 Songs For Autumn



Happy happy happy Summer!! And for those of you headed into a new school year, Good Luck! YOU GOT THIS! I am FULL of all kinds of excitement in my bones because this has been a really amazing summer for me with a lot of diverse experiences, as well as the news that my little … Continue reading 52 SONGS

Musical Bingo: Cover Edition

Happy Summer Folks! I've been having the best summer ever working at a Creative Arts Therapy informed camp, and supervising an undergraduate music therapy intern.  I wanted to take a quick second to say, "Hey!" (because it's been a while) and also share with you a fun 'camp intervention' that I have used this summer! … Continue reading Musical Bingo: Cover Edition

Music Therapy with Mexican Communities

In keeping with our multicultural theme from last month, we have decided to explore some aspects of Music Therapy work with Hispanic communities, specifically Mexican. Shannon Balcom, MT-BC has been a professional Music Therapist for 4 years, all the while working with Hospice agencies in San Diego (which is a great place to learn about … Continue reading Music Therapy with Mexican Communities

April – Service Trips in Music Therapy

Good Evening Folks,         This month on the blog, we will be exploring service projects with music therapy!  I had the privilege to speak with Amy Dunlap, MM, MT-BC about her experiences travelling abroad while practicing as a music therapist.         Amy is a master’s level music therapist who completed her studies at Ohio University … Continue reading April – Service Trips in Music Therapy

Tree Sessions

Tree Sessions Spring is a time of great awakening for the Earth. It is a magical time when the barren trees start to grow leaves and wildflowers sprout from the ground. This is a great opportunity to plan sessions around topics related to the Earth. For Early Childhood populations, or clients who suffer from cognitive … Continue reading Tree Sessions

St. Patrick’s Day (and other holidays)

Greetings All, One easy way to organize a theme is around a holiday.  Whether that holiday is well known (3/17--St. Patrick's Day), or perhaps a little more obscure (3/25--Greek Independence Day), a holiday theme can be a way to focus a session on something concrete.  This can provide a narrow focus for a clinician who … Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day (and other holidays)