Interview With Jazz Musician: Kevin Johnson

Welcome to week 2 of our February theme: Jazz music! Today I would like to address the subject of why we should be using this genre in clinical practice. We are at a very interesting turning point for music therapy as far as jazz music is concerned. Patient preferred music is often most beneficial for … Continue reading Interview With Jazz Musician: Kevin Johnson

February Theme – All That Jazz

Hello Musicians! Welcome to the month of February! With only 28 days in the dead of winter, this month tends to feel a whole longer than it is. Unfortunately, it will not be nearly long enough to thoroughly cover our new theme, which is the music genre JAZZ! We will be sharing tips and strategies … Continue reading February Theme – All That Jazz

Social Media Advocacy Challenge Check In

If you missed our first post this month, we at the Music Therapy Repertoire Challenge are initiating a social media Advocacy Challenge throughout the month of January to take part in Social Media Advocacy Month. I have posted 3 times on my Facebook wall some slightly in depth explanations about our profession in the attempt … Continue reading Social Media Advocacy Challenge Check In

A Social Media Advocacy Challenge

For the past several years, January is a month when Music Therapists take to their social media platforms in a combined effort to educate our online communities about our profession. This year the task force encourages the Music Therapy online community to maintain mindfulness in advocacy situations: Title: Your Guide to Advocacy Zen Advocacy can … Continue reading A Social Media Advocacy Challenge

Creating Space for Change

Season's Greetings! I come to you from a cozy corner of my house, wrapped in the warm glow and security of knowing classes resume in the new year (and not until then 🙂 ).  For the time being, I am recharging and making plans for 2017. In my first post (ages ago it seems!), I discussed my … Continue reading Creating Space for Change

New Year’s Resolutions

Instead of writing about Christmas or Winter this month, I’d like to look ahead to New Year’s. Most people end up on one of 2 sides regarding New Year’s Resolutions. You have the people on one side waiting eagerly with their glass of champagne for the clock to strike midnight, wistfully hoping for a snowfall … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions

Song of the Week – Lord Huron/Lumineers Cover

This month on the MTRC we are covering the topic of Covers. Becky gave some great examples of different ways to Cover a song in her post last week. This week, I’m going to share a recent experience of mine with recreating a song for a specific goal. My philosophy is that being a Music … Continue reading Song of the Week – Lord Huron/Lumineers Cover