MT Resources

For More Information about Music Therapy:
American Music Therapy Association
The Certification Board for Music Therapists
The Journal of Music Therapy

Baker, F., Wigram, T. (2005). Songwriting: Methods, techniques, and clinical applications for music therapy clinicians, educators, and students. Jessica Kingsley Publishers. 

Callanan, M., Kelley, P. (2012) Final gifts: Understanding the special awareness, needs, and communications of the dying.  Simon & Schuster.

Kubler-Ross, Elizabeth. (1969) On death and dying. New York, The Macmillian Company.

Schwartz, E. (2008). Music, therapy, and early childhood: A developmental
approach. Gilsum, NH: Barcelona.

Trainor, Kevin. (2001) Buddhism: The illustrated guide. Duncan Baird Publishers.

Hadley, S. & Yancy, G. (2011)  Therapeutic uses of rap and hip hop.  Routledge.  Jessica says this is “the best starter” for research on this subject.

The Gospel of Hip Hop by KRS-One – very intellectual, but very interesting.  Brings up conversations and points that you don’t think about.  It has great definitions of rap and Hip Hop in it.

Music Therapy and Early Childhood by Elizabeth Schwartz –

The Billy Joel Keyboard Book – Hal Leonard Corporation (1993)
Listen and Learn Music – Early Childhood music, interventions, and Continuing Education
Sprouting Melodies – a Developmental Music Program created by Beth Schwartz and Meredith Pizzi

Continuing Education
Music Therapy Pro
Musicworx Inc. Toolbox Self-Study Courses

Apps We Love
Slack – Recommended by Rachel Rambach, MM, MT-BC, this app is for group communication
LOOPIMAL – an app that connects easy 2 bar loops to animated animals; you can compose 1 loop, 2 loops, or 4 loops at a time to create a fun musical environment!


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