St. Patrick’s Day (and other holidays)

Greetings All, One easy way to organize a theme is around a holiday.  Whether that holiday is well known (3/17--St. Patrick's Day), or perhaps a little more obscure (3/25--Greek Independence Day), a holiday theme can be a way to focus a session on something concrete.  This can provide a narrow focus for a clinician who … Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day (and other holidays)

Jazz Roots and Improvisation

Before we can move forward talking about Jazz--let's acknowledge where it came from.  We chose Jazz as our monthly theme because February is Black History Month, and Jazz is a genre that has deep roots in African American culture.  When one considers any art form that is steeped in culture, as Jazz is, it is one's … Continue reading Jazz Roots and Improvisation

Creating Space for Change

Season's Greetings! I come to you from a cozy corner of my house, wrapped in the warm glow and security of knowing classes resume in the new year (and not until then 🙂 ).  For the time being, I am recharging and making plans for 2017. In my first post (ages ago it seems!), I discussed my … Continue reading Creating Space for Change

November Theme – Cover Songs

Greetings! One of the main tenants of music therapy is that of recreation.  As music therapists, often we're mistaken as walking jukeboxes...  All jokes (and next year's Halloween costume) aside, recreating a song or musical experience is integral to our work in music therapy. Which leads me to "covers!" Usually when a musical artist recreates … Continue reading November Theme – Cover Songs

Children’s Songs With Movements

Salutations! As October has just about come to an end, we have just one last post for this month!  I took some time to come up with a movement song for every day of the week: Itsy Bitsy Spider This Little Piggy Round and Round the Garden (Goes the Teddy Bear) Ring Around the Rosie … Continue reading Children’s Songs With Movements

SOTW – The Swamp Song

Procedure Good Evening Friends! Catherine and Kerry, thank you so much for such an informative interview!  It was wonderful to read through your approach to music therapy within the Early Childhood population.  I really like how instead of providing a song list, you identified 4 broad types of songs that work well with the Early Childhood population. The … Continue reading SOTW – The Swamp Song

SOTW: Turn, Turn, Turn – Instrument Play

Good Evening, friends! Lyrics/Chords/Procedure This week's SOTW is a classic song written by Pete Seeger, famously performed by a group called The Byrds.  Turn, Turn, Turn, in its original form, is a song that is based off of a verse in Ecclesiastes. I have linked a Google Doc above that has a re-write of this song that I … Continue reading SOTW: Turn, Turn, Turn – Instrument Play