March = Session Themes

I have spent some time lately reading several Music Therapy Forums on Facebook, and I have noticed a trend. Many people are writing things like “i really love my job, but I am hitting a rut with my creativity. What do I do?” It’s exciting when you get into your groove so to speak in your clinical practice. You have a bunch of songs memorized so well that you can be collecting data while you’re playing instead of spending time trying to find your place in the music (which can be very disruptive to the therapeutic process). But after a while, if you don’t change things up, it can be difficult and uncomfortable to challenge your creativity and keep things fresh and new (for your clients AND you).

One answer to this question can be planning your sessions around a theme. This will involve  adding newl music, new visuals, new topics to your usual materials, as well as reinforcing Time Orientation by designing your themes based on the month or season with your clients. And this month I will be providing ideas for session themes as well as resources and repertoire! So hold onto your hats and I prepare to be hit with a wave of creative inspiration! I hope.

Below is a list of several theme ideas I have come up with. Through the next coming weeks I will be expanding on a few to give you materials and repertoire to make it happen. Welcome to the month of March! Typically a time of weather changing, several spring holidays to celebrate, as well as Spring Break… a very rich month for Session Themes:


    • Spring
      • The phrase “March comes in like a lion, out like a lamb”
    • Spring break/vacation
    • Daylight Savings
      • Reading clocks
    • International Earth Day
      • The life cycle of trees (and other plants)
      • Taking care of the earth
    • Lent/Ash Wednesday
    • Easter
    • Saint Patrick’s Day
    • Presidents’ Day
      • Patriotism
      • How do you experience America?
        • Great umbrella in which to discuss travel and national landmarks
    • The Ides of March
    • International Women’s Day (March 8th)   
    • Autism Awareness Month
    • Tax Filing Season
      • Counting and math exercises
      • The number 3 (because, March)
    • Change
      • season changing is always a good opportunity to discuss changes in life and how to deal with them in a positive way
    • Happiness/joy (because, spring)

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