Social Media Advocacy Challenge Check In

If you missed our first post this month, we at the Music Therapy Repertoire Challenge are initiating a social media Advocacy Challenge throughout the month of January to take part in Social Media Advocacy Month. I have posted 3 times on my Facebook wall some slightly in depth explanations about our profession in the attempt … Continue reading Social Media Advocacy Challenge Check In


A Social Media Advocacy Challenge

For the past several years, January is a month when Music Therapists take to their social media platforms in a combined effort to educate our online communities about our profession. This year the task force encourages the Music Therapy online community to maintain mindfulness in advocacy situations: Title: Your Guide to Advocacy Zen Advocacy can … Continue reading A Social Media Advocacy Challenge

Social Media Advocacy Month

Dear Readers, One of the things that I so enjoy about this blog is our connection to the greater music therapy community online.  Although we have our monthly theme, and we focus on learning new repertoire, there is always more happening out in the world of music therapy.  It is easy to be connected online … Continue reading Social Media Advocacy Month