Singable Books

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This month we are focusing on repertoire used for Early Childhood settings, according to our Interviewee Kerry Devlin, MT-BC. 

Some of the powerful resources for interventions that we discussed are Singable Books. These are books that illustrate songs, or books that can be sung to familiar tunes. And in place of our Song of the Week (SOTW), I have compiled a list (in no particular order) of popular singable books and attached a link to another site which elaborates on that particular book. This post is CHALK FULL of AWESOME RESOURCES! I made it simple and to the point so you can scroll through and explore at your leisure. I hope you all find this helpful and informative, as well as inspiring in your own clinical practice. And, as always, we are interested in your input! Let us know what we should add to this list, or what your favorite ways are to address literacy goals. 

  1. Dinosaur Pet – sing to tune of Calendar Girl    
  2. Brown Bear – sing to tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star     
  3. What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong    
  4. We All Go Traveling By – comes with CD    
  5. Down by the Station
    Check out this post by Rachel Rambach about this song as well:
  6. Animal Boogie – comes with CD     
  7. Seals on the Bus    
  8. Where Has My Little Dog Gone.  
  9. Every Little Thing – Bob Marley   
  10. Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin – Tad Hills.    
  11. Pete the Cat.    
  12. Tap the Magic Tree.     

___ Here is a blog post which elaborates on a few of the songs I have listed above

___Here are a few more lists of books provided by other sites  

If you are interested in Singable Books, please check out these AMAZING blogs:
 – Music Therapy Kids: 
 – Sing Books with Emily: 




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