Changing Winds

Dear readers,

We would like to take a few minutes here to communicate with you about the status of this blog for the past few months. August was unusually quiet on our end, although we had big plans for that month. The reason for this (and good news) is there have been some exciting challenges and new directions developing in my life as well as Becky’s.


As some of you know, I had the immense joy of meeting my 2nd baby boy in June. He is all sweetness, and I can’t imagine my life without him! However, my delivery experience included some complications, making it harder to get back on my feet than I anticipated. On top of that, figuring out the logistics of life with 2 children has been a very busy adventure.Because of this, I have had to take a step back from everything and figure out my boys and how they need to be taught and loved by me.
Now that I am healed and feeling more like myself, I am discovering ways to open up my life to my hobbies and passions once again. Self Care is a habitual necessity now that I have a fuller house!


Becky –

This week, I’m moving back to Philadelphia to pursue a master’s degree in Music Therapy!  It may seem a bit abrupt–and I’m sure to many of my friends and colleagues here in Cincinnati, it was abrupt.  But a reality in this profession is so many opportunities require a master’s level education.  I’ve known I wanted to pursue a master’s since 2012, but I wanted to work in the field first.  As you can imagine, the month of August was full to bursting with closing my chapter of work here in Cincinnati and creasing the binding for what’s coming next!  🙂

Hopefully, as we embrace our recent life changes, the next few months will show more frequency of posting. We have so many ideas as we move forward with the MTRC, we cannot WAIT to share them all with you, our dear readers!  We are so grateful to have you on this ride with us!  Thank you for your support and for taking the time to read.



Catherine & Becky


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