SOTW: Turn, Turn, Turn – Instrument Play

Good Evening, friends!


This week’s SOTW is a classic song written by Pete Seeger, famously performed by a group called The Byrds.  Turn, Turn, Turn, in its original form, is a song that is based off of a verse in Ecclesiastes.

I have linked a Google Doc above that has a re-write of this song that I have used in session.  It’s a fun instrument play song that has the element of surprise!  During the refrain (turn, turn, turn) the group sits in a circle and passes their instruments around.  During the verse, each person in the group has an opportunity to play the instrument that they have.  This allows variety and a randomness to the music experience that can keep all engaged, and provide opportunities for exploration of different instruments (not just preferred).

What other instrument play songs do you use with in session?  Comment below with your favorites!

In case you wanted to look into more songs from our top ten list for July, other instrument play songs are “Mama Don’t Allow,” “Canoe Round,” and “I’m In the Mood.




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