An Austrian Went Yodeling – SOTW

Our song of the week this week is An Austrian Went Yodeling!

Video | Lyrics/Motions | Powerpoint

This is a song that I learned a long time ago at camp, and have since modified to meet my clinical needs.  I have added links above with my lyrics/motions as well as a powerpoint visual that can be used with the song.  The video I’ve added is generic–a camp instructor is teaching a group how to do the song.  Although it is generic, this will be beneficial for you all to learn the song from.

I use this song to meet goals related to attention to task, eye contact, sequencing, and relaying information.  Depending on who I am working with, I will preface this song with a quick history on yodeling, basically explaining it’s a way of talking to people who are far away.  This song has space for different “interruptions” to come bother the Austrian.  Each time the verse is sung, a something new comes along.  The tricky part is remembering the order that the “interruptions” come in, as they are sequenced together.

Logically, the first interruption is an avalanche.  You can come up with as many different custom verses as you’d like!  I added 7 of my own if you click the “lyric/motion” link above.

Now, how I modified this song is I pass the motion from myself to the person next to me (right or left) who then passes it around the group back to me.  This differs from the original song, as you will notice if you watch the video.  Originally, the instructor and the group are singing and doing the motions at the same time.  I also dropped the, “pat, clap, snap” motion from the chorus and the “arm wave” conducting from the verse.  Instead, I keep time throughout the whole song by patting my legs steadily, keeping the rhythm and music constant even during lulls for processing time in the song.

By passing the sound and motion, the song not only relays physical information, but also verbal and auditory information.  I always stress the importance of looking at the person you’re passing to (“Otherwise, how will they know you’re passing to them!?”).  The funny sounds and motions tend to be reinforcing for those whom I do this song with.  It’s amazing how some kids really get into being Spiderman, or even come up with new catch phrases for different verses!

This week, I challenge you to come up with one new verse (interruption, body motion, and sound) to this song and share it on Facebook or Twitter! 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you’re creativity in action!



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