July Monthly Theme – Camp Songs!

A Warm Hello from sunny Canandaigua, NY!

I hope you all had a lovely 4th of July!  I’ve had a change in scenery the last few days.  Most of my family lives up in the northeast of the country, so I’ve been visiting with them.  Self-care, and taking time for vacation is so important.  I’ve been enjoying the warm weather, cold water, and good company!

Unfortunately, I had a bit of over-exposure yesterday on the holiday.  Too much sun–the difference between hot sun and cold water had me feverish and ill before the fireworks even started.  But I’ve been taking it slow today, and resting up [as you can see below in the picture]!

Canandaigua Blues
Working in the window seat with a root beer float! 🙂  What a view!

This month, our theme will be Camp Songs!  Something that is timely, and appropo for this time of year.  I enjoy adapting well known camp songs to have more clinical significance.  It makes life a little easier, employing a song that kids already know or songs that are simplistic and repetitive enough to learn quickly.

So, while the main focus will be talking about the top ten songs, I’ll be listing some ways to adapt them to better meet different goals!  🙂

Our Top 10 Repertoire List for July is:

  1. An Austrian (Went Yodelling)
  2. Mama Don’t Allow
  3. Canoe Round
  4. Turn, Turn, Turn
  5. Rainbow Song
  6. Rooster Song
  7. Pete The Cat
  8. I’m in the Mood
  9. Baby Shark
  10. Check Boogie

Something that I’m going to suggest here immediately are two songbooks that I hold in high regard.  First is Rise Up Singing, second is Rise Again [Website here].  These two songbooks have a multitude of songs that are applicable to this month’s theme.  For example, Rise Up Singing has a whole, “Round” section that is easy to draw from for inspiration.  A few of the songs listed above came from one of these songbooks.

Looking forward to posting for you all on 7/11 and 7/25!  Keep your eyes peeled, and your inboxes open!



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