SOTW – Friendship Mash Up!

Good Evening All,

I am so incredibly pleased to announce that we have met 2 of the goals we set for ourselves back in December 2015!!  Wahoo!

Catherine and I came up with quantitative goals that we could work towards achieving in this new year.  At the time, we had about 40-50 Facebook likes and Twitter followers.  We decided to double that number, with the logic that surely we would come close to 100 likes/follows over the course of 12 months. . .

You made it happen in just under 6.

It is incredibly humbling to have this platform where I can create content for my fellow music therapist and music therapy students.  Where I collaborate with Catherine, a wonderful music therapist, to share resources and ideas about music therapy with so many other amazing therapists and students.  I don’t take this opportunity lightly, nor do I take it for granted.

So, with that being said, I took a little extra time out of my Sunday night and created this Friendship Song Mash Up for you guys, as an extra special SOTW: MTRCFriendshipMashup

Thank you for joining Catherine and I on this journey!  For all your likes, retweets, comments, and suggestions.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  This community would not be the same without you!!

I hope that you enjoy the mash up!  Keep an eye out on social media for a recorded version later on in the week! 😉 [EDIT: Click Here for the recorded version! 🙂 ]

With Gratitude,


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