SOTW: 22 – Taylor Swift

Good Evening Folks!

I have to say, this theme is especially poignant for me, as I’m sure it is for many of our dear readers.  At this time of year, another school year ends.  This is a time of transition for many–students, teachers, and therapists alike.  Now is the time to be grateful for the relationships we have built, the people who have come into our lives.

I chose this song, 22 because of its playful tone and the camaraderie that is so apparent in the lyrics.  I recently used this song in my practice, as it was voted to the top as a preferred piece.  The song has little emotional or intellectual depth, but does provide some fun opportunities for vocalizations.

As a vocalist, I must assert how much fun we had with all the, “Twenty-twoooo’ooo(s)!”

Something fun to try if you choose to use this song in therapy. . . Pick out the word, “you.”  Whether that looks like passing out lyric sheets with that word highlighted, or adding some physical/visual/aural prompt–standing up, tapping a drum, stopping the guitar, raising a “go” sign, etc–do whatever is appropriate for the population.  Encourage the group to pick a new person to sing to each time they sing/hear the word, “you!”  It could be as casual as looking across the circle, or even having to quickly move to a new person to stand with while singing.

Just an easy way to use the song with some added social engagement. 🙂

Here are the links:
Lyrics | Chords | Video

Wishing you all a lovely May!


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