It Doesn’t Mean That I’m Not Strong

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen! I hope you were able to take some time to read Becky’s Interview with Barbara Dunn last week. I was pretty amazed by her extenssive career journey and evident passion for using music to bring people together. We have some truly amazing people in the profession of music therapy! I am so happy this blog has given me the opportunity to speak with and learn more about them. So thank you Barbara for sharing your insights with us!

We are using this month to take time to appreciate the hard work of women before us and women who are currently leading and shaping our profession. So for our first Song of the Week, I chose It Doesn’t Mean That I’m Not Strong by Jana Stanfield because it has some truly inspiring and engaging lyrics about being a woman. I also think it is a good reminder of how far women have come in the past few decades. I am so thankful for the women who have fought for our voices to be heard and appreciated over the past century.
I also chose this song because I see potential for a fill in the blank songwriting exercise that could be clinically effective with any person or group of people who feel misunderstood or under encouraged.
Unfortunately, I am having some trouble tracking down the chords for this song. So I will either dig deep and find them somewhere today or tomorrow, or I will give it a good listen and figure out what the chords are. Either way, I should be able to post more about this song soon!

Lyrics  Video


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