Song of the Week: Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you have taken a few minutes to read through Becky’s interview with Jessica Fletcher (a former classmate of ours). Her passion for and knowledge concerning the therapeutic use of rap music really shined through their conversation.

This is a genre that I find entertainment value for myself, and I am consistently amazed by the poetic nature of the lyrics. But I have always shied away from actually learning how to rap and I have never used it in a clinical setting. Because of this, I really appreciated Jess’s encouraging words for all music therapists to push ourselves outside our comfort zone and learn this musical skill.

So the song I have chosen for this week is one I found most accessible to my own musical taste. There is a good mix of melodic and “rap” lyrics, and Twenty One Pilots is a band I already love! I hope you all find this an enjoyable starting point.

Music Video


Please post a cover video if you would like to show off your own rapping skills!

Be Musical,


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