SOTW – Winter Song, Sara Bareilles/Ingrid Michaelson

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Happy New Year, All!

It’s been a while, and I can’t tell you all how fun it was to chat with you all in real time during the Mindstorm Monday Webinar with Catherine and Kaleigh!!  I really enjoyed being a part of the conversation from behind the scenes, and helping answer some of your questions about our blog!

Catherine and I are so thrilled to see some of you who joined us for the Webinar are now following us on Social Media, and here on the blog as well!  So, a big, warm welcome to you all!  We are so excited to continue to share repertoire in this new year, and doubly excited that you have chosen to come along for the ride!! Get excited for what we have planned! 🙂

The song of the week this week is by Sara Bareilles (ft. Ingrid Michaelson), and it is called: Winter Song.  You can watch the video and access chords/lyrics by clicking through the links above!

I was really impressed by this song, as I had not heard it before–Thanks for the recommendation, Kirsten!  The sparse chordal accompaniment reminded me of how sparse this little corner of the country can be this time of year (I’m currently in the Mid-West).

The imagery in this song is gorgeous.  As Catherine has stated, many of these songs in our list this week use winter as a metaphor for a relationship.  That is indeed true for this song.  The song repeats many times,

“Is love alive?”

Alluding to the fact that in the winter (depending on where you live) many plants die, or become dormant.  This song is about a relationship that is on pause, or perhaps finished (as it is not clearly stated).  Rather, the seasons are used to describe the faithfulness of the speaker in the song,

“I still believe in summer days. . .

I’ll be your harvester of light. . .

This is my winter song. . .”

The singer is still devoted, although the listener is no longer there.  Recalling the seasons, and stating that indeed, they do change, but this singer has faith that,  “life will find a way.”  I think it’s important to note the fact that the singer uses the word, “life,” not “love” in this case.  I believe that by using this word, the singer is acknowledging that life will continue, even if their love does not. What do you think??  Reply with your answer in a comment below!

The poetry in this song is so beautiful, and there is so much to unpack here.  Undoubtedly, I think this would be a brilliant song to use for lyric analysis.

Leave us a comment below if you learn this song!  We’d love to hear your rendition of this piece, or how you’ve used it in session!

With Warm Wishes,


2 thoughts on “SOTW – Winter Song, Sara Bareilles/Ingrid Michaelson

    1. I was playing through it yesterday. . . The hardest part for me is the guitar accompaniment. So many staccato’s! 😉 Thanks, Julie! We have a lot of big ideas for the months ahead. Can’t wait to share them!!


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