New Year, New Friends, New Theme

Hello Readers! Welcome to the beginning of our 2nd year online!! To celebrate, we participated in a live Webinar chat with Kaleigh Thomas from this past Monday. We had many new people join us from all over the world in our conversation about learning repertoire and growing as professionals and musicians. Thank you to everyone who participated!! If you missed it and would like to watch the webinar broadcast, head on over to and look for us in their archives.
We feel so inspired by the motivational drive coming from the attendees, who shared some really kind words with us:

Sheri: Thanks for the winter song ideas.  And also the encouragement for all MTs to learn new songs regularly.  

 Vanessa: Great job ladies. Thanks for a little motivation in  expanding my repertoire

Phoebe: I get stuck in learning songs from a specific genre and have a hard time branching out into my less comfortable genres so this gives me great ideas for new songs!

Mica: Challenge accepted. Thank you so much, and I will stay in touch with MTrepertoirechallenge!

So, once again, welcome to our new followers and Facebook contacts! Let’s jump into a new year of repertoire!!


For our very first repertoire list of 2016, we chose a classic and timeless theme: Winter. And instead of getting one person’s list of favorite songs, we collected suggestions from everyone attending the Mindstorm Mondays webinar this week. I have been wanting to use this theme ever since we started the blog last January because I thought it would be so interesting to see what a diverse list we could come up. Now, to clarify, when I say Winter songs, I’m excluding anything having to do with Christmas or other December holidays. Because after New Year’s celebrations are over and everyone is back to work, Winter can have some very beautiful moments, but also some very uncomfortable moments. In many parts of the country, there comes a time around mid-February where it’s no longer exciting to bundle up and scrape ice off your car every time you leave the house. And you begin to wonder if your feet and hands have ever really been warm (I remember these feelings with wistful fondness as I sit in my sunny room in San Diego). Songwriters have been using cold and snow and winter as metaphors for falling love, first kiss in the midst of a romantic walk, as well as loneliness, hopelessness, peaceful quiet as well as deadly quiet. So whether you are creating a winter themed month of sessions, or looking for better ways to help someone express a very wintery emotion or circumstance, i hope you will find our repertoire list helpful and amusing. The top few songs are my own suggestions.

  • December – Norah Jones
  • Back to December – Taylor Swift
  • Snow – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Violet Hill – Coldplay
  • Snowfall – Ingrid Michaelson
  • 20 Years of Snow – Regina Spector
  • Splitting Wood – Claire Guerreso
  1. Edelweiss
  2. Hazy Shade of Winter – Simon and Garfunkel (Jill from IL)
  3. Once Upon A December (Eric from Cincinnati OH)
  4. Ice, Ice, Baby (Lindsey from Utah)
  5. Try To Remember – The Fantasticks (Sheri)
  6. Let it Go (Phoebe from Indiana)
  7. Cold As Ice – Foreigner (Jill)
  8. A Long December – Counting Crows (Eric)
  9. My Favorite Things (Lisa from North New Jersey)
  10. Somewhere My Love (Lisa)
  11. It Snowed – Meaghan Smith (Lucille)
  12. Button Up Your Overcoat (Anne from Washington State)
  13. On Top of Old Smoky (Anne)
  14. Winter Song – Sara Bareilles+Ingrid Michaelson (Kirsten)
  15. Bleak Midwinter (Angie from Montana)
  16. Wintertime Love – Doors (Jill)
  17. Winter Things – Ariana Grande (Jill)
  18. Marshmallow World – (Lucille)

We also had many song suggestions that do not mention the Holidays, but are strongly associated with them. So I have added a secondary list below.

  • Winter Wonderland (Dana and Melissa)
  • Let it Snow (Dana)
  • Jingle Bells (Dana)
  • Frosty the Snowman (Mica from Mishawaka IN)
  • Sleigh Ride (Mica)
  • Baby It’s Cold Outside (Karrie from Austin TX)
  • Snow – White Christmas (Kristy)


Our first Song of the Week for the year is December by Norah Jones, since we played it on the webinar monday.



As always, we will not be able to get through every song this month, but we will be choosing 1 new song to learn from the above lists each week, at which times we will provide links to chords and lyrics and sometimes a cover video. We hope you will take the challenge to learn each Song of the Week with us!! If you feel inspired, please share with us your own take on the song either here or on our Facebook page.

I hope you are all enjoying the winter season so far. Have fun with the repertoire list and Happy New Year!



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