SOTW: Buzz Buzz – Laurie Berkner

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First things first this week: Our Song of the Week is “Buzz Buzz” by Laurie Bernker!  When I saw this song on the repertoire list for this week, I was utterly enchanted by it!  It’s a fun song, and it uses some fun sounds within it.  See if you can learn this one, and create some organizational tools to go along with it!

Perhaps, create a “bumble bee” manipulative for each of the children you work with, and then designate different spots on the ground for the garden, for the music show, and for the popcorn stand.  As you sing about each location, have your individuals stand with their bee’s correctly at each location!  If any of you are working on attention to task–this could be a good intervention to try!

Moving on to our monthly theme. . . Organization!

I so enjoyed reading Catherine’s interview of Rachel!  What great resources to be aware of!  Thank you, Rachel, for sharing your organizational systems with all of us!

I personally rely heavily on my Google Drive–and the rest of Google’s suite of apps–not only for my work as a music therapist but also for my personal life and organizing my work on this blog!  I used to use Dropbox as a student to turn in and access documents for classes.  I may have try it out again, after hearing about how Rachel uses it!

I was telling Catherine back in mid-September that I feel that as a young MT, my organizational systems change with every step that I take.  As a student, I definitely used rudimentary methods of staying organized.  As an intern, I changed my approach: I made binders of songs, and wrote down my favorites for what goal/objective.  I planned ahead to be successful.  Now, as a professional I have yet another approach to being organized!  This one is much more in-depth and suited for my current needs

So, never fear!  If you feel that the system you are using now does not work for you, you can always change it.  After all, Einstein said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  So, take some inspiration from Rachel and her methods.  You can always change!

For today, I’m going to talk about Google Drive.  Rachel mentioned that she uses “Google Docs,” which are a part of the drive!

I love using Google Drive.

It’s similar to DropBox (from what I remember from my student days). With Google Drive, I can upload any document that I have, Word, Excel, Pages, PDFs, MP3s, etc, and have it in one spot!  It is accessible from all my apple products, too!  From Macbook Pro to iPhone.

At the same time, I can also create new documents on the drive using Google’s suite of programs (see: Drive Options) “Docs, “Sheets,” “Slides,” “Drawings,” and “Forms.”  I can edit these documents with fellow collaborators, if I give them permissions to access the document.  I can share permissions through a url, or via email.  Additionally, I can create privacy and allow them to edit, comment, or view the document.  Currently, I have used 3 GB of the available 15 GB of my Drive.

That’s just one resource that I use daily to organize my life as a music therapist.  I create manipulatives on my drive, I write up lyric sheets, I take attendance, Catherine and I even have a running Doc called “Monthly Theme Brainstorm” for this blog that we share!

We would love to hear about how you all organize your life as a music therapist!  Please share any apps, or ways you stay sane! 😉

Best Wishes,


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