Every two years, my high school hosts a “Symposium Day” where they invite alumni back to the school to talk about their careers. This year, I was incredibly honored to be invited back this past Friday to talk about music therapy!

I love advocating for music therapy, because it reminds me of the gift I received learning of music therapy.

When I asked the class, “Who here has heard of music therapy,” there were only about 10 hands that went up. A few of them approached me afterwards with questions and told me they were seriously considering going into the profession. But for most, my presentation on Friday was informative. It was showing the students that music therapy is a profession. It is a growing profession. And most importantly that it exists.

I didn’t have any delusions about evangilizing the entire classroom to all pursue music therapy. Rather, I introduced them to what I do, and what so many of you, dear readers, do on a daily basis.

I only had 15 minutes with 3 groups of 30 students. From the questions that were asked, I’m confident that the students walked away with a better understanding of our profession.

Advocacy is a very important aspect of what we do as music therapists. Especially today as music therapy continues to gain notoriety and respect from the general public.

Who here has advocated for music therapy? Whether it was a quick conversation in an elevator or a grand presentation?

Share your story below!


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