Super Trooper – ABBA

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So, I had a different song planned out for today (stay tuned later in the month for it!) but, I performed in a concert this weekend that had an ABBA Medley in it that made me change gears!  Performing in the concert brought me back to my childhood, when I received the ABBA Gold album for christmas as a 9 year old.

At the time, I had a very narrow taste in music–I didn’t like anything that wasn’t N*Sync, or Brittany Spears.  That being said, I have fond memories of listening to the album on my yellow Sony Discman, and hearing “Super Trouper” for the first time.  That song was what made me change my mind about how “awful,” “Old music,” was.  From that time onward, my taste in music has been much more eclectic, and open to new experiences, sounds, and age groups. 😉

I thought for this week it would be nice to have a throwback to some older music that some of the younger therapists/students out there may not be as familiar with.  Along with the encouragement to listen to music that is outside your comfort zone.

Song Meaning:
The song is about a friend of the performer who is coming to a concert, and by coming deeply touches the performer.  I always thought the phrase, “Super Trouper,” referred to the person who is attending the concert–that they were a trouper for coming to all of these shows that were all over the place.  But, I learned today that, “Super Trouper,” is slang for the biggest, brightest spotlight.

No matter how your school year ended, or if you are (like me) working hard all summer, or if you are taking a well deserved break. . .  You are a super trouper!  Take some time for you, delve into your music collection and revisit music that you haven’t heard for a few years, or a decade.  Play for the fun of it, and just enjoy the simple pleasure of remembering whatever memories come to mind when you hear the song.



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