June Theme and Song of the Week

Dear followers, 

Happy June! The month of warm weather, but not the soul-sucking heat experienced later in the summer. It’s a time when we should all just take a deep breath and slow down for a minute. And that is just what we are going to do here at the MTRC. We are giving ourselves a break and taking time to refocus and recharge so our posts continue to be creative and fun. We will keep the Song of the Week posts going this month, but there is no repertoire list, so the song will be whatever we have stuck in our heads that particular day. And we will probably just post the song with a sentence or 2, that is it. 

Speaking of which, here is the first SOTW – Starlight by Muse. This is my ultimate beginning of summer song. Not sure why. I think I heard it for the first time in the summer. Enjoy!

So here is the challenge this month. Take some time to go get some sunshine, attend a barbecue, sit on the beach, take a walk in the woods, stay out late with friends, etc… And maybe play some music for the fun of it. Late at night or outside. Those are the two best ways to play music for yourself, in my opinion. 

Do any of you have summer adventures planned? We would love to hear about it in the comments!
Be Musical,


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