I Need You Now – Lady Antebellum SOTW

Lyrics || Chords

First off, I want to thank Allison and Catherine for that awesome interview!  I found myself nodding along as I read.  Using music as a reinforcer, and the way that Allison uses it organically, as it relates to the conversations being had, and to forward those conversations–all good things!

Moving forward, I first fell in love with this song through a cover by Charlie Puth and Emily Luther (that has since been taken down, but you can find one or two versions of it that are on YouTube–the visual quality isn’t that great).  I’m not a huge country fan–and their version had less “twang.”  But, to focus on just the song–not the version–let’s label some themes in this piece: vulnerability, co-dependance, loneliness are just a few.

The song paints a picture of the difficulties of breaking up from both sides of the relationship.  It seems to take place soon after the break-up–when the loss of the relationship is still fresh.  It can be assumed that perhaps the singers are regretting the break-up, or looking for support from their former partner.

This song has a story to tell, one that is mirrored by both man and woman who are depicted in the duet.

“And I wonder if I ever cross your mind. . .
For me it happens all the time.”

There is a part of me (the therapist inside) that wants to encourage both singers to reach out, and speak up–which, is a way to use this song in therapy.  This song could be a dialogue opener to flesh out needs that the couple has, or identify positive aspects of the relationship.

The song does talk about whiskey, and being drunk–so if that’s a trigger, or inappropriate for your client, please be aware of this.

To be honest, I have yet to attempt to play this song (I type as I sit in a Starbucks somewhere between Chicago and Cincinnati! Ha!), but I believe that it shouldn’t be too incredibly difficult to play.  In the recording, it has a full band–electric+bass guitar, drums, synth/keyboard.  But it should be easily recreated with a guitar.  Just a simple “down down up up down up” strum pattern, and you are in business.  Maybe get a kick pedal for your tambourine to imitate the “high-hat” for a smooth jazz feel. 🙂

I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day Weekend!  Catherine–thanks so much for sharing your anniversary song!  It was lovely!  Best wishes to you and Will.

Peace out from Lebanon, IN!


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