Anniversary Song

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This Monday (the 25th) is my wedding anniversary, which is why we have focused on Marriage and relationships this month. And today I am going to share with you a song I wrote for this occasion. But first a little backstory. 
Wedding vowsA few months ago, I was sitting in bed, surfing Youtube and Facebook and I came across the music video for Ed Sheeran’s song “Thinking Out Loud”. I proceeding to watch it on repeat for like an hour and did a lot of Ed Sheeran internet stalking (by the way, really interesting guy). And I thought to myself “I haven’t written music in a while”. In fact, I have never written music for/about my husband. And if any time in my life warrants a song, the past 2 years have.
sunset parkWe got married 2 weeks after graduating college, lived in a borrowed house for a month, then moved to NYC 4 days before I was to start my Music Therapy Internship. For the next month, I was working and my husband was commuting back to Cleveland regularly to finish up a class, all the while I was living with 2 people I did not meet until we arrived at the apartment in Brooklyn. In August we found out I was pregnant, then he left for Marine Corps boot camp and for the next 13 weeks we communicated only through letter writing.
After I finished my internship in January, I moved to Virginia Beach to be with him, had the baby in April, then moved to San Diego CA in August. It’s been an amazing adventure so far, and I can’t wait to see where our life will take us next. newborn in chair

Wishing I could write something as terribly romantic as “Thinking Out Loud”, I decided I would write a song for an Anniversary present for my husband. However, any time I set out to write music, it turns out incredibly cheesy and fun and not serious at all. So here is the song I wrote. I think it is a nice tribute to the past 2 years and who we are as a couple. And of course, staying true to who I am, it is a bit cheesy. Next week, I will be posting more in-depth about my songwriting process, but for now please enjoy!

Anniversary Song

*Use Headphones*
I recorded all the parts on my phone, so they do not always line up, and for some reason the audio is really quiet. You may need to use headphones to actually be able to hear it. Sorry about that!

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