APRIL THEME: Autism Awareness!

It’s that time again!  New month, new theme!

The month of April is Autism Awareness Month!  And we have  great month planned out here at the MTRC!  With our typical SOTW posts, we will also be sharing specific Autism resources.  On April 15th, I will be sharing an interview that I had with Katy Gorski, MT-BC about her experience with music therapy and individuals with Autism!

In the meantime, here is Katy’s TOP 10 list of songs she uses with Autism!

1.) The Ants Go Marching – Popular Children’s Song
2.) Happy – Pharrell
3.) I’m in the Mood – Raffi
4.) Brave – Sara Bareilles
5.) Twist & Shout! – Beatles (Isley Brothers/The Who/etc)
6.) Charlie Knows How to Beat That Drum – Nordoff Robbins
7.) Love Somebody – Maroon 5
8.) A Ram Sam Sam – Moroccan Children’s Song
9.) Roar – Katy Perry
10.) What Does the Fox Say/Lazy Song (Mash Up!) – Ylvis/Bruno Mars

These are the songs that Catherine and I will choose from for our Song of the Week posts this month–BUT just because we don’t use them all doesn’t mean that you can’t learn them all! 😉

Looking forward to making and sharing music with you this month!

All the best!


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