Song of the Week

Song of the Week
Green Grass Grows All Around – The Learning Station

This song involves sequencing, which is an important cognitive skill to learn because it is one we use every day. Understanding sequences is fundamental to organization (of objects as well as time), episodic memory, and self-expression. Music is a great way to teach sequencing because of the many levels of structure and ease of repetition.

Picture Storytelling:
The song is essentially a list of things you see in a tree. Each verse introduces a new object on the tree. Print and laminate a picture for each verse. As you play the song, lay out the pictures in order and point to/hold up each one when appropriate.

After the client(s) are comfortable with the song, ask them to lay out the pictures in a different order and sing the song again. This is a fun way to keep the activity interesting, while stretching their cognition to adjust to the new sequence.

Taking Turns – If you are working with a group of children, have them each be responsible for a verse. Hand one picture to each child as you sing the verses. Once they are comfortable singing the sequence with you, pause and let each person sing their part of the sequence alone. Do this intermittantly until you are sure everyone in the group knows their part, then let the children sing the whole sequence together as directed nonverbally.

Encourage caregivers to take opportunities to practice sequencing at home by verbalizing what they do around the house and in the car. Especially times of the day when things happen in particular orders, like bed time or meal times. They can also practice sequencing by singing this song together, or other children’s songs, like There’s a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea. 

Unfortunately, I do not have a group of kids with which to demonstrate the above intervention. But I will be posting a fun cover of the song in the comments in the next couple days.

There are SO many things you could do with this song. You could involve instruments or other props or movements, very simple or very intricate activities, depending on your clients’ level of functioning and the goals you are addressing. I would LOVE to hear how you would use this song in a session. Please PLEASE add your ideas and videos in the comments!

The resource I want to share with you this week is actually a children’s music artist. His name is Brent Holmes and he sings a lot of animal related songs. One of his most popular collections is “Moose Tunes For Kids”. It seems kinda hokey at first, but the songs are really catchy and fun! My (almost) one year old son loves them. Check out his music on YouTube, or His Website.

Have a fun week everyone!


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