SOTW – The Jam

New theme, new content. . .  Same intent.  Our posts may look a little different from here on out, but we’re the same people, and we’re still espousing the same message.  🙂

This week, I feel like I’m cheating?  Even though I know I’m not.  I’m not covering a song, I’m sharing a composition of mine with you.  One that I use in session quite frequently.  I call this song, “The Jam.”  I named it last night, after writing it over a year ago, and using it almost daily throughout my internship.

It never really needed a name before now, because it was my, “back pocket song.”  You know, that song that you have at the ready for when you got through your session plan 10 minutes early, and you need something to do that is malleable and able to address many goals, or objectives?  That song that some clients request, and others groan over?

It’s a fun little ditty that will get stuck in your head, and undoubtedly your client’s heads as well.  Let’s give it a listen!

So, as you saw in the video, you can use the words, or not.  You can play the barre section, or not.  You can provide a leadership opportunity, or not. . . It’s, “The Jam,” because it is one of those songs that goes well with anything, or can stand equally tall on its own. Some goals that you can address with it are: Group cohesion, interpersonal awareness, turn taking, eye contact, motor skills, etc.

Resource Recommendation:

I’m recommending a book that I have had since before I began my practicum, while still enrolled at BW.  Below is the citation:

Schwartz, E. (2008). Music, therapy, and early childhood: A developmental approach. Gilsum, NH: Barcelona.

I have so enjoyed this book–my copy is well highlighted, and tabbed.  Elizabeth Schwartz logically breaks down the content of the book into three parts, and covers music therapy theory to music therapy practice with early childhood clients.  I highly recommend getting your hands on this resource, even if you do not have an interest in working specifically with early childhood clients.  It’s important to be aware of and understand the different levels of development.  Not only does this book touch on that, but it also provides sample goals/objectives, and is a great resource to have on one’s shelf.

Stay warm out there everybody,


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